About us


We are a human capital firm. Since 1998, we have delivered proven diversity/OFCCP/EEO and multicultural-focused recruiting, supplier diversity, digital marketing, training and consulting solutions to 1000+ clients, advertisers and partners.

We can help your organization get results by delivering integrated HR solutions.

MPN market offerings include:


  • Online Job Board
  • Corporate Event Planning
  • Career Fairs


  • Online Advertising
  • Newsletter Publication
  • Integrated Marketing Campaigns


  • Diversity & HR Strategy
  • Training & Professional Development
  • Cultural Transformation


The U.S. Department of State has been our largest continuous end-client since 2004, in partnership with JWT.

We have attracted 1000+ other clients, advertisers and partners, including:

  1. Corporate: Allstate, AT&T, BofA, CBRE, Cox, GE, MetLife, Merck, Microsoft, Moody's, Nike, NY Life, PNC, PwC, Raytheon, Travelers, Walmart ....
  2. Government: CIA, City of Portland, FBI, FDIC, FRB, NASA, PANYNJ, SANDAG, SBA, State of Maryland, USDA, US DOE, US Homeland Security ....
  3. Academia: Columbia, CUNY, Emory, Harvard, Kent State, Michigan State, Northwestern, Sidwell Friends, UC Davis, U of Chicago, UMass, Yale ....
  4. Nonprofit: AARP, ACLU, Archdiocese of NY, Alzheimer’s Assoc., Big Brothers/Big Sisters, CARE USA, CBC, CPUC, DCCC, USGA, United Way ....
  5. Media/Advert.: Bernard Hodes, CBS, Comcast, Edelman, EW Scripps, Findly, JobTarget, JWT, Time Warner, TMP, WXPN ....


  1. Our audience encompasses millions of site users, e-subscribers and social media contacts from all U.S. states and 50 other countries.
  2. Our job board and global portal both deliver highly ranked organic SEO/SEM website results: diversity job boards, minority professionals, diverse employers, professional career fairs, etc.
  3. For ALL job board announcements and ads, we leverage our websites, social media platforms, and e-Subscribers to generate high visibility exposure with large audiences of potential “Active” and “Passive” qualified diverse candidates, suppliers or consumers.


Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

Minority Professional Network, Inc. (MPN)
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General E-mail: Support@mpnDiversityJobs.com or Support@mpnmail.com

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