Corporate Diversity: Why Niche Job Boards are the BEST Option

Achieving corporate diversity is not an easy task; however, it is attainable. Be prepared to develop a well-planned strategy and exert consistent effort in order to successfully recruit a diverse pool of talented candidates. Minority Professional Network understands how to bridge the unspoken divide. We connect corporations with viable job applicants who possess the necessary skills and experience-- applicants who truly are the best candidates for the job.

Given the appropriate insight, Human Resource professionals have much to gain from being selective regarding where they choose to advertise job postings online. It is advisable to evaluate the pros and cons of the two types of job boards. While the larger, highly popular boards such as Monster and Careerbuilder are viewed by thousands of job seekers, the smaller job boards play the most vital role in achieving true diversity.

Find the ideal audience.

One distinguishing factor of a smaller, niche job board is the ability to reach a specific demographic of job seekers. Oftentimes, niche boards concentrate on a target, or distinct audience. Search for the best options based on a variety of variables such as industry, talent or ethnicity.

A common challenge corporations encounter when attempting to achieve employee diversity is a lack of knowledge of where to find the best prospects for vacant jobs. Online posting boards like Minority Professional Network allow employers to reach minorities who possess a desired skillset and meet the specified qualifications to fill available positions within the company.

Use a more cost efficient alternative.

Subscribing to a niche job board can also benefit your company’s bottom line. Take advantage of the deeper discount. Who doesn’t want to get the most bang for your buck?

Not only will your job posting get additional exposure through social media, but at MPN, we help corporations post jobs for a fraction of the cost of our larger competitors. For example, it would cost as little as $125 to post one job for 30 days through our site,  Comparably, charges as much as $375 for the same service.

Make the choice today. Don’t miss an opportunity to effectively acquire diverse talent for your company through subscribing to niche job boards.

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