Kindergarten Co-Teacher

  • St. James' Episcopal School
  • Koreatown, Los Angeles, CA, United States

Job Description

St. James' Episcopal School is looking for a Kindergarten Co-Teacher.  The person must have experien e working with young children and interested in differentiated instruction, working in a collaborative and joyful community that encourages support and education for the whole child.

Minimum requirements:

• BA or BS degree and teaching credential and a warm and positive spirit
• Three years of full-time classroom teaching experience in an accredited school
• Sound understanding of and affection for elementary-age children
• Experience working with students and families of diverse cultural, socio-economic and racial backgrounds
• Experience planning curriculum and implementing differentiated instruction
• Professional demeanor; courteous, outgoing disposition
• Willingness to keep abreast of research-supported teaching methods and technology
• Ability to work productively and harmoniously in a team-oriented environment
• Willingness to attend professional development as needed
• Refrain from revealing private, sensitive or confidential information to colleagues and/or parents

Essential Functions/Duties:

Daily Duties/General Conduct

• Attend and participate in weekly faculty and staff meetings
• Attend all school-wide required events as designated in the employee handbook
• Implement school-wide discipline procedures evenly and effectively as defined by the employee handbook
• Maintain confidentiality regarding all school, child, and parent matters
• As requested, participate in the hiring process of other faculty and administrators
• Conduct and submit an annual performance review of the assigned Classroom Assistant
• Handle stressful situations with patience, understanding, and flexibility
• Encourage and uphold the ethos and philosophy of the school by accepting and supporting the school's mission and core beliefs
• Demonstrate professional work habits by regular attendance, punctuality and conducting assigned tasks in an effective and efficient manner
• Maintain a professional demeanor in dress, language, and attitude

Classroom Management/Curriculum and Instruction

• Daily attendance, plan, document and carry out daily lesson plans
• Maintain complete and accurate records of each student's academic, physical, social and emotional growth including discipline
• Collaborate with peers and administration to enhance the work environment and
support differentiated learning
• Participate in developing and assessing curriculum
• Plan and organize field trips based curriculum
• Create a classroom environment that is warm, safe, conducive to learning, and appropriate to age group
• Assess the progress and accomplishments of students on a regular basis; provide progress reports as required, and communicate with parents regularly
• Demonstrate a willingness and ability to respond to individual learning needs
• Use effective teaching techniques and strategies that are appropriate for each child

Parental Support

• Using good judgment, establish friendly but appropriate boundaries with parents that honor the reputation of the school and its faculty
• Collaborate with the administration to ensure parents receive clear, consistent messages and accurate information as it pertains to the well-being, safety, and academic growth of their child
• Adhere to and enforce all policies as designated in the Parent/Student handbook
• Facilitate parent/teacher conferences twice a year
• Answer emails, texts, and phone calls from parents, administrators and colleagues within 24 hours
• Provide sensitive feedback to parents regarding their child in a compassionate manner

This position is Monday-Friday and begins immediately. Compensation is competitive with a full benefits package. Interested parties may apply by submitting a letter of interest, resume, and salary history to by November 21, 2017.

St. James' is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE). Qualified applicants are considered for employment without regard to age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or veteran status.


Elementary School

Education Requirements

Bachelor's Degree


Compensation commensurate with experience