Research Agricultural/Mechanical/Electrical Engineer

  • East Lansing, MI, USA
Full Time Agriculture

Job Description

The USDA, ARS Sugarbeet and Bean Research Unit (SBRU) in East Lansing, Michigan is seeking a permanent, full-time Research Agricultural/Mechanical/Electrical Engineer to lead a research program in precision agriculture and automation for sugar beet production and postharvest handling. The research program is aimed to develop innovative phenotyping and automation technologies that can be applied to assist in discovery and selection of new, promising germplasm for desired agronomic traits; new sensing methods and techniques for precision crop and beet yield monitoring and prediction and for early detection and management of diseases, insects, nematode and weeds; and nondestructive sensing and measuring technique and handling practices for postharvest monitoring and management of beets for enhanced sugar production. Qualified candidates must have professional knowledge in agricultural, electrical or mechanical engineering with experience and/or training in sensors, imaging and information technology, precision agriculture and automation and have experience publishing research in peer-reviewed scientific journals related to the development and application of engineering technologies to agricultural and biological systems.


For further information and complete application instructions, search for announcement

ARS-D21MWA-11231354-JML at


U.S. Citizenship is required. 

Applications must be received by the closing date of October 15, 2021. 

USDA/ARS is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Provider



Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

Education Requirements



$77,488-$119,787 per year