Assistant Vice Chancellor for Innovation and Business Engagement

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Full Time Academia Fundraising Management

Job Description

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Innovation and Business Engagement


Location: Santa Cruz


Job ID: 16759


Initial Review Date (IRD)

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The Initial Review Date (IRD) for this job is: 05-31-2021


Dept Marketing Statement

Under leadership of the Vice Chancellor for Research, the Office of Research (OR) has primary responsibility for research policy, planning and administration of the UC Santa Cruz Research enterprise. The Office of Research supports the research community through five units: the Office of Sponsored Projects, Research Development, Office of Research Compliance Administration, Industry Alliances & Technology Commercialization and the Office of Research Business & Operations.


Under leadership of the Vice Chancellor for University Relations, the University Relations division elevates the reputation of UC Santa Cruz and builds enduring relationships with alumni and campus supporters. This work is essential for developing critically needed private gifts along with other forms of support benefiting students and research. University Relations includes Development; Foundation Relations; Corporate Philanthropy; and Government & Community Relations as well as supports the UCSC Foundation.


Industry Alliances & Technology Commercialization (IATC), currently in the Office of Research, comprises Intellectual Property Management, Industry Alliances & Licensing, Industry Agreements, and Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) programs. IATC's mission is to build a vibrant, entrepreneurial culture to accelerate the adoption of UCSC inventions and creative works, cultivate sustainable strategic partnerships, and enable our campus to be an innovation powerhouse delivering social and economic benefits to our local and global communities. The primary goals of IATC are: 1) Expand the UCSC IP portfolio in research areas that currently have high commercial interest or societal benefit, have not historically engaged IATC, or are significant research strengths for UCSC; 2) Increase the number of opportunities for UCSC students and faculty to collaborate with a wide spectrum of industry partners; 3) Accelerate the commercialization of innovations resulting from UCSC research through licensing and startups benefiting the local economy; 4) Increase UCSC revenue from industry-sponsored research and IP licensing; and 5) Build a trusted, reliable, and sustainable IATC organization that delivers results for the Campus community.


Innovation and Business engagement's mission is to build a comprehensive ecosystem that connects corporate, industry and innovation partners broadly across the UC Santa Cruz community based on interest and opportunity. The primary goals of business engagement are to develop and facilitate deeper connections between UCSC, industry and our alumni and community to: 1) Identify and secure funding opportunities for research collaborations between companies and UCSC 2) Develop and expand corporate support for opportunities for both undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral students, and faculty and researchers 3) Build and expand a network of entrepreneurs and industry contacts and other partners to support UCSC's efforts in innovation and entrepreneurship.


Job Overview


The Divisions of Research and University Relations at UC Santa Cruz (UCSC) seek a highly talented and motivated individual to develop and lead UCSC's Innovation and Business Engagement effort as UCSC's first Associate Vice Chancellor (AVC) for Innovation and Business Engagement. The leadership of the divisions of University Relations and Research are jointly creating with this position a central Innovation and Business Engagement Hub so that the university can pursue an active, integrated approach to business engagement, innovation & entrepreneurship and technology transfer that will yield greater benefit for the entire university. This unit brings together separate efforts previously housed under both Research and University Relations as well as other campus units to create a central hub to support campus-wide business engagement and innovation and entrepreneurship activities.


The unit will bring campus-based discoveries together with the vibrant local and regional business communities to support campus research and innovation and entrepreneurship activities and build long-term relationships to support technology transfer, job creation and economic growth. To make this happen, the new AVC of Innovation and Business Engagement leading this unit will facilitate connections between UCSC and industry, including:


  • Students and researchers seeking to learn about entrepreneurship and launch their own entrepreneurial activities;
  • Students seeking practical experience with corporate partners;
  • Campus innovators seeking connection with and mentorship from experienced professionals;
  • Campus researchers seeking funding from corporate partners;
  • External entrepreneurs and businesses seeking access to university inventions and talent pool;
  • Businesses looking to tap the university's research capabilities and/or facilities;
  • Investors and philanthropists seeking to financially support promising people, programs, ideas, and startups;


Additionally, the AVC will work to cultivate “innovation districts” in key locations to produce more start-ups, scale-ups, and, ultimately, a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem to position UCSC and the local region for growth and long-term success.


Under the general direction of the Vice Chancellors for Research (VCR) and University Relations (VCUR) and with input from a campus steering committee comprised of key stakeholders (primarily Deans), the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Innovation and Business Engagement leads the Innovation and Business Engagement Hub, directs its business engagement and I&E activities, and works with the faculty director of UCSC's student-oriented Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Development (CIED) and our internal and external partners to develop university-wide and regional collaborations leading to thriving business engagement and innovation and entrepreneurship programs, partnerships, pipelines and ecosystems.


Ultimately, the AVC will make UCSC's I&E and Business Engagement ecosystem easier to navigate by both internal and external constituencies in part by transforming the Innovation and Business Engagement Hub for business engagement and entrepreneurship on campus to interface with and help support the “spokes” on campus.


Industry Alliances & Technology Commercialization

Previously part of the Office of Research, our Industry Alliances and Technology Commercialization unit currently includes five major office functions: 1) IP Management; 2) Industry Agreements and Licensing; 3) Industry Alliances; 4) Commercialization Services, and 5) Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiatives.


The AVC for IBE will provide overall leadership for UCSC's intellectual property development and licensing strategy, organization, and procedures from the perspective of the campus inventor to ensure transparent interfaces that are both inventor- and business-friendly, making it easy for inventors to commercialize their inventions and make a positive impact on the world, making it easy for businesses to engage with the university, and maximizing current and future returns for the campus to support our inventors, our research, and our ability to continue having an impact in the future.


The AVC will interact with senior management on specialized situations, intellectual property, patent and licensing negotiations, and influencing and persuading other senior level managers or external executives.


The AVC will also establish an advisory board that will provide ongoing guidance on such matters as technology valuation, IP portfolio management and strategy, and litigation of valuable patents.


Innovation & Entrepreneurship

In partnership with the CIED Director and working closely with campus stakeholders and external collaborators (e.g., Startup Sandbox), the AVC for IBE will coordinate and support a wide range of existing and new campus-based and external innovation and entrepreneurship activities and opportunities. This will include the development of educational programs, pitch opportunities and competitions, seminars, seed funding programs, mentorship programs, internship programs and many others.


Business Engagement and Philanthropy

Working closely with key campus stakeholders, the AVC will provide overall leadership for UCSC's Business Engagement strategy, which includes management of corporate prospect research assignments, stewardship and cultivation of the university's top corporate partners and alumni entrepreneurs, engagement of university executives in business engagement, coordination of the UCSC Business Engagement Network for the purpose of coordinating strategies in the pursuit of corporate research support and philanthropy, provides support to academic leaders with business engagement staff in the divisions and units. The unit also oversees efforts with the Founders' Forum, corporate matching gift programs, and also collaborates to help advance the university's innovation and entrepreneurial initiatives.


Pay, Benefits, & Work Schedule

Salary Information: Salary Range: $170,000 - $205,000/annually. Salary commensurate with qualifications and experience.


No. of Positions: 1


Benefits Level Eligibility: This position is eligible for Full benefits


Schedule Information:

Full-time, Fixed

Percentage of Time: 100%

Average Hours Per Week: 40

Days of the Week: Mon-Fri

Shift Includes: Day


Employee Classification: This is a Career appointment


Job End Date: None


Work Location: UC Santa Cruz main campus


Union Representation: None


Job Code Classification: 000373 (IP MGR 3)


Job Duties

20% -

Develops and maintains industry partner relationships at the campus level; oversees and develops campus level coordination of industry consortia; and participates in regional business associations on behalf of the campus. Maintains and cultivates external relationships with executives in industry, venture capitalists, trade organizations, etc.


20% -

Manages the activities of the intellectual property / patent / licensing / industry agreement functions through several subordinate managers and staff having overall responsibility for functional programs. Ensures the overall monitoring and success of assigned functions and integrating these activities with those of other major organization segments.


20% -

Supports campus Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) efforts through exploring, developing and managing mentorship, incubation, and other mechanisms for facilitating UCSC entrepreneurship and startups. Develops and oversees robust technology transfer and commercialization strategy.


15% -

Makes long-term strategic decisions that reflect upon the organization as a whole. Maintains overall control and responsibility for strategic direction and achievement of intellectual property / patent / licensing / industry agreement function objectives.


15% -

Functions as the organization expert on business engagement, intellectual property / patent / licensing, and I&E policies, programs and initiatives. Carries out delegated authority to sign contracts with industry on behalf of the organization. Interacts with senior management on controversial situations, intellectual property, patent and licensing negotiations, or influencing and persuading other senior level managers or external executives. Oversees the patent prosecution strategy.


5% -

Ensures training and education programs are developed and implemented about, researchers and students about I&E, patents and licensing, and business engagement.


5% -

Oversees daily unit operations, hiring, evaluating, training, and supervision of staff, and carrying out disciplinary actions if needed, and manages operational and budget processes, staff FTE, finance, human resources and space planning.


Required Qualifications


  • Graduate level degree in a scientific, engineering, business field, or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Experience developing and/or supporting the Innovation and Entrepreneurship pipeline.
  • Experience in IP management, licensing and research agreements, industry collaborations, industry affiliate programs, material transfer agreements, and IP negotiation support in federal, state, foundation, and other non-profit awards.
  • Management experience over a unit with broad responsibilities and demonstrated ability to manage financial, organizational and staff resources.
  • Leadership experience working in the research enterprise and demonstrated familiarity with academic and/or project planning processes.
  • Demonstrated expertise in developing and managing strategic initiatives, and translating vision and goals into implemented programs with metrics for assessment.
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively represent and coordinate organizational strategy and administrative initiatives with senior level management and external entities.
  • Track record of successful relationship building with corporate entities.
  • Expert strategic planning, financial, management and leadership skills.
  • Expert knowledge of research enterprise as it relates to intellectual property / patent / licensing technology and innovation.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills to develop high level strategic planning documents, reports, position papers and deliver oral presentations that effectively communicate needs, campus positions and engage stakeholders regarding campus energy initiatives and priorities.
  • Expert understanding of applicable laws / policies / principles for intellectual property / technology transfer / commercialization, economic development, private-public partnerships and has excellent connections to further these initiatives.




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