Director of Campus Public Safety

  • Saint Martin's University
  • Lacey WA 98503
Full Time Management

Job Description


• The Director is responsible for the oversight and leadership of the staff of the Office of Public Safety in providing the overall Public Safety and Emergency Services for the University and Abbey.
• The Director is expected to use a comprehensive approach to security and emergency management services.
• The Director oversees all emergency preparedness operations, crisis response planning, coordinate of building access systems, emergency communication systems and camera systems.
• The Director oversees all aspects of a university Public Safety Office dealing with personal and asset protection and the prevention of criminality on campus.
• The Director serves as a member of the Title IX Team and, when designated by the Title IX Coordinator: will investigate reports of sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, gender-related violence including stalking and intimate partner violence, and protected class discrimination and harassment involving employees, undergraduate and graduate students at the University; will conduct interviews with complainants, respondents and witnesses; will prepare detailed reports to be submitted to the Title IX Coordinator.
• The Director serves as a member of the Care Team which receives and evaluates reported health and welfare concerns of students, faculty and staff and intervenes to provide support and assistance.


• Knowledge of federal and state nondiscrimination laws and compliance regulations including Title IX, Title VII, the due process protections as they apply to Student Conduct proceedings, the Clery Act, VAWA, and FERPA.
• Demonstrated commitment to diversity and inclusiveness and success in working with diverse constituencies including both domestic and international to support an inclusive campus environment.
• Demonstrate understanding of and experience with cultural competence and anti-racist practices.
• Maintain effective working relationships with individuals and groups in a multicultural and diverse community.
• Demonstrate a working knowledge of and recognition of current social and political issues as they related to racial injustices, implicit biases, cultural competencies and the impacts these have, in relation to the duties of Office of Public Safety, on the Office’s interaction with the campus community.
• Demonstrate knowledge/awareness of own cultural identity and how this influences behavior, and desire to learn about the cultural identity of others.
• Ability to establish and nurture an environment that promotes cultural competence and equitable treatment of staff, students, and patrons of Saint Martin's University.
• Ability to understand and hold self and others accountable for promoting Saint Martin's University’s commitment to the interaction of faith, reason, and service, honoring both the sacredness of the individual and the significance of community in the ongoing journey of becoming.
• Ability to recognize that each person is a unique individual even as we celebrate their group cultural heritage.
• Have a working knowledge of and skilled in the ability to conduct Trauma-Informed Victim Interviewing.
• Excellent judgment and critical thinking with the ability to manage highly sensitive and confidential information.
• Skilled in the areas of conflict resolution, problem solving techniques, interviewing and investigation.
• Skill in writing concise, logical analytical reports to convey complex issues.
• Ability to maintain neutrality and work under stress.
• Effective interpersonal skills; the ability to listen well and demonstrate sensitivity to and respect for individual needs.
• Ability to establish and maintain professional and productive working relationships with staff at all levels at the University.
• Ability to read and interpret complex legal documents to evaluate their impact on University policy and procedures.
• Experience in effectively supervising multiple projects and multiple personnel involved in these projects in accordance the Office of Public Safety objectives as well as university policy and procedures.
• Ability to plan, organize, and implement special programs related to the programs and operations of the campus safety/campus law enforcement/emergency services functions of the university.
• Ability to understand university, federal and state requirements for risk management functions.
• Customer and solutions-oriented with a strong commitment to customer service while maintaining compliance with policies.
• Use applied knowledge of principles of ICS and emergency management: mitigation, planning, response, recovery.
• Must be supportive of a Catholic, Benedictine philosophy of education.


• Develop and coordinate all emergency management issues, to include implementation of comprehensive training for the institution at all levels.
• Manage standard procedures for situation management, including threats of violence or active violence, medical emergencies, fire, and natural disasters.
• Coordinate all crisis response planning and exercises for the institution.
• Coordination emergency preparation and response with city, county, state and federal emergency management agencies.
• Research and development of grant funding opportunities for emergency management activities.
• Develop and coordinates university-wide emergency response plan, including prevention/mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.
• Develop, implements and coordinate comprehensive emergency management training, drills and exercises for the institution at all levels. Develops the materials and use promotional methods to educate the campus community for these activities.
• Interpret, apply, and ensure compliance with federal, state, and local laws, regulations, codes and policies regarding emergency management planning and implementation.
• Develop, implement, administer, direct and/or support risk communication, business recovery, emergency and disaster preparedness plans.

• Supervises staff within the Office of Public Safety. Oversee training procedures for new and existing Public Safety staff.
• Oversee procedure for management of facilities access and control. Collaborate with other university departments to assist in managing efforts to ensure the safety and security of students, employees, guests, and university property.
• Develop and implement strategic goals and assessment plan to ensure successful achievement of the department’s mission.
• Manage departmental budget process ensuring payroll, program and equipment cost remain within budget parameters.
• Establish policies and procedures to ensure the personal safety of individuals on campus as well as protect property and assets of the university and Abbey from theft or damage.
• Responsible for assuring the university compliance with state and federal requirements of Higher Education, such as: The Campus Security Act of 1990 (Clery Act), and Blood borne Pathogens Act of 1992, Washington Labor and Industries work place safety requirements as they relate to the functions of this office.
• Maintains an active and cooperative relationship with Lacey Police Department and Lacey Fire District 3 for campus law enforcement and life safety issues.
• Represents Saint Martin’s University as a member of IACLEA and WACLEA.
• Ensures faculty, staff and students are aware of and train in critical incidents policies and procedures for lockdown and evacuation.
• Develop, implement and coordinate comprehensive campus security training, drills and exercises for the institution at all levels. Develops the materials and use promotional methods to educate the campus community for these activities.
• Interview, hire, train, and equip full-time Public Safety staff and student officers to provide 24/7 campus Public Safety services.

• Serve as a member of the Title IX team.
• Receive reports of sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, gender-related violence including stalking and intimate partner violence, and related retaliation. Forward all reports to the Title IX Coordinator and Title IX Team.
• When designated by the Title IX Coordinator conducts prompt, equitable and impartial administrative investigation of reports; identify and interview the parties involved and witnesses; conducts Trauma-Informed Victim interviews; identifies, gathers, and assesses information relevant to the investigation applicable policies and writes summary of findings of fact in individual cases.
• Create and facilitate Title IX training/presentations to student groups regarding the University's safety procedures and sexual assault prevention programs.

• Interpret, explain and/or provide guidance on risk management areas to both external and internal constituencies.
• Interpret, explain and/or provided guidance on legislative actions, proclamations, rules/regulation established by local, state and federal agencies and/or legislative bodies.
• Actively participate with other Student Affairs Directors in planning and carrying out the mission of Saint Martin’s University and the goals and objectives of Student Affairs.
• Constantly evaluating the security of the campus.
• Be on call for questions from on-duty officers, other Directors and Cabinet.


• Bachelor's degree required; preferred major of law enforcement, emergency management or criminal justice field; master’s degree preferred in law enforcement/emergency management or criminal justice field.
• Minimum of 4 years of progressively responsible experience in a structured law enforcement (community policing) or security position, preferably in a campus environment.
• Supervisory and leadership experience.
• Knowledge of computer operations, databases, and software programs, to include Microsoft Office.
• Flexibility to work on weekends, nights and occasional overtime, with the ability to respond to the campus when needed to assist.
• Successfully pass a criminal background check and driving records investigation.


Law Enforcement

Education Requirements

Bachelor's Degree


Dependent upon qualifications