MPN CEO Speaks on Diversity, Recruitment and Retention at Microsoft-sponsored SMX Next 2020 Expo

By MPN Staff

SMX Next 2020 is a Microsoft sponsored virtual event, intended to aid over 10,000 marketers by creating an opportunity to learn about emerging technology and tactics that are used to redefine a successful search marketer. The expo is made up of 50 speakers who, over the course of two days, will provide information on how to effectively drive business.

Today, June 24, 2020, our CEO, CJ Bland, will participate in the SMX Next 2020 Expo alongside Zenia Johnson and Jackie Leung. In this 45 minute session, the aspects of diversity recruitment and retainment within the business world will be addressed.  

“The lack of diversity in the advertising and marketing industry is not a new issue. Despite loads of research on the business benefits of diverse teams, there's been talk but little action for years to increase Black and minority representation in the industry. It's time for real action and for agencies and businesses to do more than hand-wringing. In our panel discussion, we'll talk about how to accomplish change in your organization with those who are already working on diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. You'll come away with actionable steps to drive change.”

The following link can be used to access the full SMX Next Agenda: SMX Next Agenda

View replay video of CJ Bland, Zenia Johnson, and Jackie Leung speaking on diversity, recruitment and retainment: SMX Next: Diversity, Recruitment and Retainment.