Managing Distributed Teams: 3 Tips for Practicing Inclusive Communication

By Jessica Gilmartin

"One of the best parts of my job is how diverse my team is. As the Head of Revenue Marketing at Asana, the people I work with are spread across the globe and timezones. Even when everyone returns to the office, I’ll still have a distributed team with team members in the US, Asia, Europe, and Australia.

Given the makeup of my team, I had a lot of experience managing a distributed team even before the world suddenly shifted to remote work. With that experience, many people come to me for advice on how to navigate our current world since everyone is distributed at the moment. 

One topic that comes up often is communication. When your team is distributed across the globe, how do you ensure seamless communication with everyone, no matter where they’re working? (As we’ve all experienced by now, that can be easier said than done.) So how do I make sure everyone on my team feels included and has the same information? Here are three tips I rely on as a leader of a distributed team:"

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