Five Tips for Finding and Hiring Exceptional Talent During COVID-19

By Chanell Turner

"The days of hiring fairs, in-person informational interviews, and campus hiring events are done for the foreseeable future. Today, HR managers and hiring teams have to rely on virtual tools to locate and recruit capable candidates. Even if your team is back in the office, the COVID-19 outbreak is going to make it challenging to find candidates in person."

"If this is something you have not prepared for, you are not alone. A study by Doodle revealed that only 16 percent of HR professionals in the United States are prepared to go entirely virtual with their recruitment and onboarding efforts. Nevertheless, much like the state of work itself, companies are going to have to plan for a digital future when it comes to recruitment."

"Even amid COVID-19, workers will still resign, and you may need to let some staff go. Therefore, you need to prepare to hire virtually. Here are some points you can add to your virtual hiring strategy for this new normal brought on by COVID-19."

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