8 Employment Things You Can Do

By Do One Thing for Autism

"Doing these 8 things in your workplace can create a more inclusive and engaging work environment for autistic employees. Autistic people offer many strengths, skills and talents to the workplace. They can be change-makers, bringing diverse thinking and perspectives to our communities and businesses. Every workplace in Australia can contribute to lifting the employment of autistic people by making these changes – many of which are low or no-cost."

"Amaze has developed these changes in collaboration with Specialisterne Australia, a social business which enables jobs for autistic adults through social entrepreneurship, innovative employment models and a national change in mindset. We thank them for their invaluable expertise. 'There are a lot of autistic people who could give an awful lot to workplaces, but the environment around them makes it difficult – not them.' Start with just one, or take them all on – every change you make can transform your workplace culture in positive ways, and empower your autistic and neurotypical employees to collaborate and achieve more."

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