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Description of Services provided by MPN

Event Planning

Event Marketing

Event Support

Event Registration

TURNKEY EVENT PLANNING includes ALL functions below plus venue space and F&B (INCL. minimum attendance guarantees)





  • Comprehensive end-to-end event planning, coordination, and management with accountability for overall event success.
  • Define, clarify, and/or adjust requirements, tactics, priorities, and strategies as needed to help ensure overall event success.
  • Serve as a primary or secondary point of contact for client staff, venue staff, and others affiliated with the event.
  • Provide analysis and trending forecasts to ensure availability of adequate client representation, venue space and food and beverages.
  • The charged bundled fee includes venue space, food & beverages, A/V, and other standard fees for projected min. attendance count.

EVENT MARKETING & TURNOUT could include ALL listed functions below (INCLUDES minimum attendance guarantees)





  • Leverage years of relevant experience, thought leadership, key lessons learned, cultivated relationships, and our broad reach.
  • Collaborate as needed with client’s internal marketing or communications department, or public relations staff and agencies.
  • Targeted and direct outreach (phone, e-mail, fax) to relevant organizations, groups, and entities seeking their support for the event.
  • Promote event to millions of MPN online users, e-Subscribers, and members of partner networks and e-communities.
  • Create and distribute press releases and media advisories to generate increased publicity about the event.
  • Generate additional exposure, as needed, through other fee-based marketing, promotions and public relations efforts.
  • Widely promote event to targeted audiences via new or existing online and offline partners, media, and public relations alliances.

EVENT LABOR & SUPPORT services could include ALL listed functions below      (NO minimum attendance guarantees)





  • Lead or assist with event planning, coordination, and management.  (as needed or requested)
  • Lead or assist with logistics and coordination.  (as needed or requested)
  • Lead or assist with managing the event area and audio-visual setup. (as needed or requested)
  • Lead or assist with on-site registration, greeting and registering participants. (as needed or requested)
  • Lead or assist with facilitating time schedules, introductions and/or overall event flow. (as needed or requested)
  • Lead or assist with obtaining audience/customer feedback and evaluations.
  • Lead or assist with handling pre-event and post-event phone calls, e-mail messages, and web inquiries regarding the event.

EVENT TECHNOLOGY & REGISTRATION could include the functions listed below     (NO minimum attendance guarantees)





  • Develop, test, host, and monitor a custom automated online registration system that will capture and track all advance registrants.
  • Send automated electronic messages to pre-registrants to confirm receipt of their registration, and to help increase event show rate.
  • Provide client with regular and timely reporting, details, and updates on advance registrants signing up to attend the event.

Terms and Conditions:

“Turnkey Event Planning” fees include all typical marketing, development, design, technology, labor, travel, third party outreach and other fees or expenses associated with promoting, supporting, or driving targeted event turnout.

“Turnkey Event Planning” fees vary from market-to-market depending on the event city cost classification category, projected number of event registrants and attendees, the preferred venue type, and the F&B requirements.

50% min. upfront payment due at the start of engagement; remaining balance due 5 business days before event.

Additional fees may apply if client increases the F&B requirements or venue size to accommodate a larger audience.

To receive a custom event services quote, please e-mail the type of desired MPN event services, summary event description, targeted dates(s), preferred city, venue type, food and beverages, and desired attendance count (or range).

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